I'm working as a Fish Culturist at Hidden Falls Salmon Hatchery in a remote spot near Sitka, Alaska! AM I CRAZY!? I'm starting to think so...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Puppy Watch 09

Welcome back to Hidden Falls Seasonal Work 3.0!

Puppy watch is on! I will be getting my puppy either next weekend (the 7th or 8th) or the weekend after (the 14th or 15th). I’m excited! That is going to make 4 dogs on site now. While Angie and her dog left, we gained some new people and some new dogs! Ben Gilles took Angie’s job and came with his wife, Jacquie and daughter, Emma, who’s got awesome red hair! They also have a Boston Terrier, who is rambunctious and AWESOME! I really love him and have decided that if I ever wanted a smaller dog, I’d get a Boston Terrier. We also got a new maintenance guy, also named Ben, and his dog Smoky. He’s got a wife and a kid too, but they aren’t here yet.

There’s been some switch-er-roo-ing with houses too. Ben and Smoky moved into Dan and Deena’s house, Dan and Deena moved into Shannon’s house right next door, and Shannon moved into Angie’s old house. It’s nice having Dan and Deena right next door because I don’t have to walk up the hill as much, but I have been going up to Ben and Jacquie’s every week for “Smut Thursdays” as Ben calls it. Jacquie and I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

So far this season, the weather has been treating us GREAT, until now. Not including the random snow event last Sunday, we have had sun everyday. Today it has been snowing all day though. I worked some half days last week doing some random office stuff that Scott wanted done, but started full time on Monday. Two new seasonals came on last week and worked a few days though. Guess what they did? Shovel. I felt oddly happy seeing them doing that. I’m sure you all understand why. Anyhow, we started off the week working on the Chinook pens, enjoying the sun and switching out the shallow nets for deeper ones. In true “enjoying the first few days of sun” fashion and blinded by the sunny warmth, I did what I usually do and forgot that sun burns you. Not too bad, but it took two days to realize why my face was a bit red and hot. I do think that the coldness does it too, because my face is always red and hot lately after work, but I haven’t been in the sun for the past few days. All those nets that were pulled out got cleaned and we had to mend them up. It seems that otters will go to a lot of lengths to get some of our fish… like chewing 6 inch holes in the nets. We found three of those, which means who knows how many fish were lost. Oh well, early release! The chum are progressing slow and won’t be ready to pond for another few weeks, so nothing to tell about that yet.

Besides all that, there isn’t much else going on. We do have a lot of snow, but that isn’t surprising. I arrived to the hatchery a little sick, but recovered after a few days. In true “Adam” fashion though, he got it but much much worse! We didn’t really even have the same thing I don’t think, but he’s still getting over stuff. We contemplated laryngitis and pneumonia and bronchitis, but it was probably just a bad cold-like thing.

My happy achievement since I’ve been here is to make a Red Velvet Cake for Valentine’s Day… from scratch of course! No boxes of cake. It turned out really good too. It was a nice shade of red, and the frosting was cream cheese, powdered sugar and marshmallow with coconut too.


That’s been all really. Now I will offer you guys an option. There is a place on my blog where I can enter in email addresses, and it will email you when I write a blog. The only thing is it emails the whole blog entry and pictures, instead of a “You’ve got mail” kinda thing. Let me know if you want me to put your email on the thing. That being said, I still want people going to the ACTUAL blog instead of just reading the email. Also, like last year, in my Photobucket, I’ll add a “2009” page where all this year’s pictures will be. If you don’t go to my Photobucket, don’t worry about it though. I post all those pictures on the blog anyhow.

Well, that’s all folks.

Many of you have asked if Sitka is nice, and I've said that it's... sorta nice. I'm not sure if I've showed pictures of what the houses look like so here are some. There are nice places... and not so nice places.

Next door from the NSRAA apartment... not so nice.

Next door from the NSRAA apartment.

Across the street from the NSRAA apartment... trailors near the road, but notice the huge houses up on the hill.

Some of the nice places on the hill.

HUGE. That's how Sitka is...